US lifestyle hotel brand Ace Hotel has struck a deal with developer Golden Age Group to open its first property in Surry Hills. Eloise Hanson Uploaded 14 October 2019. Next year, it will expand with the Ace Hotel Toronto and Ace Hotel Sydney in Australia. The new Ace Hotel marks the developer's first Sydney hotel project, with Golden Age Founder Jeff Xu describing it as a “lifestyle-driven hotel”. Ace Hotel to debut in Sydney. We'll update you with a specific launch date when one is announced. Marking its 20th anniversary this year, Ace Hotel celebrates a double decade with 10 hotels spanning North America, Europe and soon Asia, including hotels in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Kyoto, Japan (Spring 2020). Inspired by the abundance of natural flora, the city’s rich history as a welcoming hub and its generous quality of life, the hotel stands as a unique intersection of culture, commerce, art and community gathering. When the original Ace Hotel debuted in Seattle in 1999, its founders had a unique goal. Top images: Ace Hotel London / Ace Hotel Downtown LA. Ace Hotel announces their first Australian property with Ace Hotel Sydney, slated to open in 2021. Ace Hotel Sydney is scheduled to open 2021 and will be part of Golden Age's newly built $350 million hotel at 49-53 Wentworth Avenue. Ace Hotel has hotels in America and will be opening one soon in Japan. Rather than open a typical hotel, they wanted to create a space that approximated the experience of … Ace Hotel Sydney is scheduled to open 2021 and will be part of Golden Age's newly built $350 million hotel at 49-53 Wentworth Avenue. Published on October 12, 2019 by Samantha Teague Ace Hotel Sydney will feature 289 rooms, a ground floor lobby bar, restaurant and cafe, as well as a rooftop bar and restaurant. The Ace Hotel Sydney is slated to open at 49–53 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney in 2021. “Traditional 5-star hotels are finding it hard to compete with lifestyle-driven hotels which place a greater emphasis on experience, culture and art,” Xu said.

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