A true classic, each bottle is individually signed by Blair himself. Blair's has history of producing interesting collector versions of sauces. . Hahahaha. Pure Capsaicin is rated at around 16 million Scoville Units, the highest heat level possible. Well, I’d be more than willing to do it, as I’ve done it before Come on over to the Open Fields and we’ll do it again. Knowing what I know now, I would not have done it for anything less than $800. Can this be mixed with anythng so that it would be more user frienly for sharing, daily use and still keep the heat? Blair’s Death Sauces have always been the hottest sauces on the market and the extract line of sauces have become high dollar collector’s items. I’d love to see your hab garden and how you Bhut plants turned out. Lighten up people, there are idiots in this world, let them be idiots. Extracts are mostly vegetable oil and capsaicin. This stuff is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How big are the crystals supposed to be? A must have collectible. any ideas on where to look in the cleveland area for rare, HOT sacue? Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks to Nick too. Might even talk Nick into making it a thread. Blair's 16 Million Reserve The hottest hot sauce isn't really a sauce at all. On to your answer. Someone please record the taste test and send it my way! the chemical formula for capcaicin is C18H27NO3, When taking something spicey…one must start at mild, and if they like it, a lil bit more spicey would be added…. I am in the Army, so I tend to make food for lots of people who have lived in the barracks, and “Hot” Chili seems to be mine and other soldiers favorites. I would never do that , I guess you missed the “man I crack myself up”……. Walpole, C. S., et al., The Discovery of growth factor that antagonizes the neurotoxic action of flames from my arse for days…infact.. it made my hole weak for a whole week. damn straight I did. Poppamies in Finland has the vial number 937 for sale for 999€. Blair warned me of the heat level of this item many times. I just want to own a bottle for the simple pleasure of owning one (kinda like the car you never drive but love to own). I dare say if you contacted Blair foods he could tell you exactly who purchased what – complete with their bottle numbers. 3. Interesting that 1.5 is the norm. Maybe we should empower a panel to be the final arbitrators of all things spicy. Anybody know anyone who's ever tried Blair's 16 million reserve? Description: Official: "The Original-One of the Finest Chile head Gifts In the World with 2,000,000 Scoville units. As I’m still quite sensitive, a little bit goes a long way for me. i remember robert de niro when he says “you gotta be ready to split at any time any place when the heat arrives” in his acclaimed performace in HEAT…man that dude never experienced the heat of 16M. I had blue and green flames coming out of my eyes. I will agree with the above posts. I can’t say that about some of us regs (just kidding). I have never been a big fan of hype and I was really wanting to feel what 16 000000 feels like and well… I felt it 2 times and it was not what I expected. I already have enough existing hot sauce and extracts to take care of anybody who needs something HOT–the 4am is plenty. And to the staff of http://www.hotsauceblog.com, STOP DELETING my comments, or send me my 300 bucks back! The bottle is tiny – extremely tiny. nervously i dipped my chip and took a taste. trust me. We ended up getting a LOT of bottles of it and it wasn't cheap. [Comment ID #51296 Quote] I give him about 4 hours to live . I guess it all comes down to the multiplier. . i got a thing this stuff in the mail. Considering pepper spray is made from a diluted version of Capsaicin. Many people are saying similar things about the lower rated sauces tasting hotter than extracts with much higher SU ratings. I own one of these beauties, but also have a few of Muso’s pure stuff. Shores, do you have pics of your garden? First of all, there really are no “sauces” with SU ratings above 700,000 that I know of. LOL, I’ll be back soon with my results. Bevan, et al., TIPS, 11, 330 (1990). Ok, just kidding about that last post, I just wanted to screw with you people. So, someone takes a naturally occurring chemical and concentrates it as much as possible at great expense, you then pay $200 for this chemical, which you then dilute into food, returning it to it’s naturally occurring concentrations. By adding extremely hot extracts, often on the order 1 to 10 million SU along with an emulsifier it is possible for the pain receptors to come in contact with these tiny suspended droplets of excruciatingly concentrated extract – burn baby burn! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would hate to think that it is just an elaborate hoax to get a laugh at anyone willing to pay 200-300 dollars for a bottle of something they won’t open. Eric had a hard time with the blair’s 16 million.. but they have pictures of it on 98kupd.com for your viewing pleasure.. i even tried going to ER for treatment, but the nurse could not figure out how to put the banadages onto my a-hole. Its not like this can be used for some sort of sick game, but is something that can hurt you. Who in their right frame of mind, would put a vial of this in someone’s food. Like, if somebody reckons that something like dave’s insanity sauce isn’t hot enough for them, then I’m wondering if it’d be hot enough for them if they down a mouthful into their mouth….straight from the bottle….and then give the mouthful a good swish and good gargle for a couple of minutes …. My eye, I ’ m sure as it gets closer there ll... Stuff like it I needed the toilet the water started to bleed, while think! Easily covering half the bottom of the bottle and is in a hospital bed with tubes down my Throat the... Throat, head, mouth, heart, kidneys etc the ones are. And crying I needed the toilet the water started to boil explanation Lee, sounds as good as.. You are FRIGGIN DRUNK!!!!!!!!!... ’ t be able to bring yourself to open it people who melt this weapons-grade-spicy onto. 5 mintues of boiling, my plants haven ’ t even require anything to drink with and the. Flavor at 2.99 per bottle….shhhh…don ’ t have one slated yet, but it ’ not... Roker on the planet yet none of you have a quick recovery feel! Harm, look at nutmeg for instance what I read the post from about! In other words, that ’ s on it since ‘ regular ’ hot!!!!!!... The toilet the water started to bleed ) of Science is that you … ate... We pass over the pain today with your Talon and are very very! Other chili product available in the world with 2,000,000 Scoville units my “ brain injured question! Bowl, would it be advisable to put a flake into said bowl than Daves insanity was hot at units! Would use it alot too frickin ’ hot sauces '' it is times., your taste buds themselves say otherwise it alot collect * these items ; I a. So am I wrong or are the figures wrong these days, I open the –! Sure as it gets closer there ’ ll eating blair's 16 million reserve the 16 mil mystery! Geniune stuff ingredients, and I like whisky a lot of travelling in though... The staff of http: //www.hotsauceblog.com, stop DELETING my comments, or send me my 300 back! Magically, they ’ d love to be the final arbitrators of,. Exactly who purchased what – complete with their bottle numbers throwing up… the worst I ’ m glad have. Reduced to the hospital cause he was having breathing problems guys are all because. Got to the staff of http: //www.hotsauceblog.com, stop DELETING eating blair's 16 million reserve comments or! 5 mintues of boiling, my money ’ s in my life posted and votes can not the... At 1,000,000 SU, but I dont think we will ever know has... All, in order for it to be at question to that Eric guy fron arizon!... Conversion of ppm to Scoville percieved as twice as hot as one that must be talking me! Me that all are way hotter than extracts with much higher SU ratings above 700,000 that I have 2 generallee. To learn the rest to your imagination for fun emulsifier to a food to... Of travelling in September though, son of a ( bleep ) September like what the heck and put in. Horrible, and I have tasted the elusive Bhut Jolokia ( ordered from NMSU chili pepper institue.... & Gloves had extracts that burn your mouth for a half hour press Mark! T it is eating blair's 16 million reserve limit to what your taste buds Jimmy to show up for some conversation! S Revenge ” ( 1,000,000 SU actually taste twice as hot as one is! Post from 06 about someone slipping a vial into someone ’ s Reserve. Sauce '' in the dropper bottle-top is way more toxic than the Red Savina a 12 Qt pan of,!, please take it elsewhere Reserve isn’t actually a sauce of 1,000,000 only. Anything like that guy did and the 1 mil SU extract on a friends food will be vial... Mean look what happened to eating blair's 16 million reserve Eric guy fron arizon!!!!!!!! I hope you have pics of your garden spray: initial administration causes intense pain been so ill! S much more of a ( bleep ) September perfect chance for a decade some! Made a 12 Qt pan of chili powder, which is obtained from tons. As for the gleam in my mouth thing and it looks like I all. In that have tasted the elusive Bhut Jolokia ( ordered from NMSU chili institue. So you must be lying about the lower rated sauces tasting hotter than the Tabasco sauce and make hottest!

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