On Bali, whatever your budget food or drink, the prices will always be substantially cheaper than those in Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Crap shoes and super uncomfortable on my size 8 feet, plus I paid way too much. Nasi Goreng for 25k rupiahs is still cheap for us even if the local only pays 8k rupiahs).Now it’s still affordable and reasonable sometimes but often they try to cheat you. Last trip, I paid 100,000 for a pair of fake leather slip-on flats to wear to Waterbom Waterpark in Bali.. That was the worst purchase ever. Whether it’s shopping prices in Bali or restaurant prices, as visitors we are likely paying more – aka tourist tax (e.g. Compare the Cost of Living in Denpasar with any other city in the world. How much you need for this depends how much you drink, what you drink (wine and imported spirits and cocktails are expensive) and whether you plan on dining in swanky restaurants or just want a good honest plate of food. Your average .33 litre bottle will set you back about US $1.5 (or 25,000 rupiahs in local currency) if you purchase it in the local corner store or supermarket. You can enjoy a deliciously fresh Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) for $1 or dine in one of the finest restaurants spending $100 for a 7 course meal. You can read more about the BALi Lifestyle at www.drfittinfo.com. Wine is expensive in Bali, but the local brand called Hattens, which is produced in Bali, is reasonable and quaffable at around $20 to $25 a bottle. Bali island. So, when next in Bali, here are 10 traditional dishes you must try: Nasi Goreng Beer is probably the cheapest thing to drink in Bali. BALi Food List (*denotes antifungal/superfood) BALi foods control your body’s level of Candida (a naturally occurring yeast), aid in insulin regulation, and increase your intake of … List of prices in Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Dec 2020. Bali Food Guide: Introduction To Traditional Balinese Food. ... have private drivers and only eat western food then budget IDR7,000,000 ($700) … Search keyword "bali." Soups, rice dishes 0,57 - 0,85 USD = 8 000 - 12 000 IDR; Having said that, Bali is a great place to enjoy a fine dining experience at a fraction of the price at home. Hi Colin - expect to pay around £1.45 for a small bottle of Bintang beer. Food at restaurants; Tours, attractions and SPA; Food prices in Indonesia at cafes and restaurants (Sumatra) Contents: What prices at eateries for locals; How much it cost to have a meal at a restaurant; What prices at eateries for locals . SHOPPING IN BALI PRICES. An example price from the Bali airport to Ubud is IDR300,000 ($28). This cuisine centres around fresh vegetables, rice, noodles, fish, pork and spices & is very cheap for western travellers Bali Food Prices - Balinese Street Food & Traditional Indonesian Cuisine Alcohol Prices In Bali – How much does a beer cost? One of the things that worried me the most about visiting Bali is the prices. Bali food is delicious and varied.